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Elder Victim Outreach

Advocacy for Elder Victims of Crime or Abuse to take back their quality of life.

  • Assistance
  • Care Coordination
  • Education


We understand that becoming a victim of crime or abuse is a traumatic and life changing experience. We want to help you in your process of recovery and getting back your independence.

Each year in our seven county area there are an estimated 4,300 cases of elder abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. These crimes number more than injuries due to falls, new cases of cancer, or elders injured in car crashes. The crimes are often perpetrated by caregivers or those close to the elder. Yet most cases of abuse are never reported and the victims do not get assistance they need.


          Know The Signs of Abuse

      • Discrepancy between a person’s income and standard of living.
      • Missing items such as eye glasses, hearing aids, or jewelry without explanation.
      • Malnourishment, poor hygiene, dehydration, bed sores, over-medication.
      • Physical injuries such as broken bones, tufts of hair missing, welts, bruises, burns, rope burns, all without explanation.
      • Person is fearful, anxious, apathetic, won’t talk in front of certain persons, refuses visits from loved ones.
      • A "new friend" suddenly moves in with the elder without explanation.
      • Healthcare needs not attended to.


          Services We Can Provide

      • Confidential assistance from a care coordinator to work toward recovery.
      • Short term supply of food or home delivered meals.
      • Short term housing until you can reestablish a safe living situation.
      • Transportation to appointments.
      • Short term crisis counseling to address trauma and grief.
      • Other victim assistance services as needed for safety.
      • Speakers available to educate


For recovery assistance or questions please call The Area Agency on Aging at 419-222-7723 and ask for staff in the Victim Assistance Program.